Eternal Catering

Wedding and Event Catering
Jockey box and equipment rental starting at $100.00. 


Zero Waste Catering We typically only deliver to the East Bay for the budget meeting menus.

 Samples Budget Menu, Great for meetings, Non-Profits Etc.


Ramen Catering

Vegan Ramen Noodles

Vegan Broth: shoyu base with black garlic oil and spicy miso option

Soft Tofu

Marinated Bamboo


Sauteed Mushrooms

Nori, Sesame seeds, green onions

Kombucha, water,setup

Reusable bowls, spoons, forks

Set-up, service and bussing out included

$20/head minimum 30 people

 Add cookies and coffee set-up or fruit desert for extra charge.


For buffet style we have a $1500 minimum which includes metal plates, utensils, 1 keg of kombucha, delivery, set-up and bussing out everything for cleaning.


Ethiopian Style 60-100 people depending on how hungry they are.  

1 Standard Full Sized Hotel Pan = 28 cups of food.  Depending on how many dishes you order imagine a person eating at least 2 cups of food.  Mix and match your entrees accordingly.  


2 full pans each of

 - Yellow Spit Peas with Tumeric

 - Red Lentils with Berbere spice

 - Rice

 - Collard Greens with Cumin and Coriander

1 full pans each of

 - Curried Mushrooms

 - Injera 

2 Big Bowls of Green Salads

2.5 gallon urn of coffee

80 fresh baked cookies

1 5 gallon keg of kombucha

2 water stations

100 paper cups/napkins

100 metal plates, 100 metal forks

All delivery/setup/bussing included

Total Cost $1500: ideal for a lower budget meeting, casual occasion that wants to be zero waste.

Additional costs could include heating candles, on-site heating and service, banquet style setup, table clothes as needed.


Yemeni Style Menu

Coming soon


Medium Tier Sample Menu Catering

Persian Style

2 full sized pans Fesenjoon: walnut, pomegranate  and halal chicken

2 full sized pans of vegetarian Gheimeh: grilled eggplant and yellow split pea in a red sauce

2 full sized pans of vegetarian Ghorme Sabzi: sauteed herbs with mushroom

 4 pans of basmati rice

2 big green salads

Hot beverage service, kombucha, dessert, water station

Total Cost $3000